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Exciting Payment System Updates

We're thrilled to introduce new Payment Settings. Now, alongside the existing Single Time Payment option, you can offer your customers the flexibility of Monthly, Yearly, and Quarterly subscriptions and a more flexible Credit Recharge System.

What's New:

  • Multiple Subscription Options: Choose from Monthly, Yearly, or Quarterly subscriptions to fit your customers' needs.

  • Custom Pricing for Credit Recharges: Now, you have the power to set custom prices for credit recharges within your products that utilize a credit system. This feature empowers you to tailor pricing to your customers' needs, giving you greater control over revenue streams and spending.

  • Seamless Integration: Enjoy smooth transactions with industry leaders Paypal and Stripe.

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DFY Lead Suite: Your Tailored Solution for Advanced Lead Generation

Are you seeking to enhance your white-label product offerings with cutting-edge lead generation capabilities? Meet DFY Lead Suite, an advanced software suite crafted to automate and elevate lead generation efforts for your clients. With DFY Lead Suite, you can provide a comprehensive array of tools that revolutionize how your clients gather, target, and convert high-quality leads.

DFY Lead Suite empowers your clients to:

  • Automate lead generation with state-of-the-art algorithms.
  • Define and target their ideal audience with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Access comprehensive and reliable data for strategic outreach.
  • Save time and reduce costs by discarding outdated methods.
  • Boost revenue and drive substantial business growth.

With its adaptability to diverse marketing needs, DFY Lead Suite ensures that your clients can tailor their lead generation efforts to suit their specific industries, target markets, and sales objectives.

Don't let outdated practices hinder your clients' progress. Embrace the future of lead generation with DFY Lead Suite, and empower your white-label products to deliver unparalleled value and results. Take the first stride toward transforming your clients' lead generation efforts and accelerating their business growth today.

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