Lead Generation
DFY Map Leads

Our product uses Google Places to collect leads for your business. By connecting to Google Places, our product is able to access information about your business, such as its location and contact details.

Geographic Targeting

Our unique geographic targeting feature allows businesses to pinpoint potential leads within specific areas based on their industry or niche, helping them discover untapped opportunities.

Google Places Integration

DFY Map Leads connects to Google Places to access valuable business information such as location and contact details, enabling the generation of high-quality leads.

Exportable Data

Export your leads in various formats (CSV, Excel, etc.) for seamless integration with your existing CRM or marketing tools, ensuring a smooth workflow.

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DFY Scraper

Our product uses web scraping technology to collect email addresses from websites. By using advanced algorithms, our product is able to scan websites and extract email addresses from a variety of sources, including website contact forms and online directories.

Target Marketing Efforts and Expand Reach

With DFY Scraper, your customers can precisely target their marketing campaigns and connect with a broader audience. By providing them with a rich and comprehensive list of contacts, DFY Scraper significantly increases the likelihood of sales conversions, allowing your customers to achieve exceptional business growth.

Harness the Power of Web Scraping

DFY Scraper utilizes cutting-edge web scraping technology to harvest email addresses from websites with unparalleled efficiency. Our advanced algorithms dive deep into the web to extract email addresses from numerous sources, such as contact forms and online directories. This enables your customers to rapidly and effortlessly build a robust list of email addresses for their marketing initiatives.

Automated Contact Information Collection

Our game-changing solution doesn't stop at email addresses. DFY Scraper also analyzes web page content to gather vital contact information, such as phone numbers and social media links. This invaluable feature eliminates the need for manual data collection, saving your customers precious time and effort.

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